Automatic quotes and reports from Dynamics 365 for Sales and Dynamics CRM!

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How does dox42 work?

  • Automatically generate quotes, service reports, sales reports, contracts and all other documents from Dynamics 365 for Sales and Dynamics CRM
  • Integrate data, conditions, images, text blocks or bar codes
  • Easily design your proposal templates in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Integrate your documents flexibly and fully automatically into your processes and workflows

What advantages does dox42 have?

  • Great customer-specific documents directly from Dynamics 365 for Sales and CRM
  • Intuitive template design in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Easy integration with all other data sources: Office 365, SharePoint, Databases, AX, NAV or SAP
  • Control text blocks, tables, images, QR codes fully automatically
  • Respond quickly to market opportunities and trends
  • Save a lot of time and concentrate fully on your tasks
  • Individual customer communication digital and automatic
  • No more copy-paste errors

"...we could significantly increase our efficiency in generating Service Reports with dox42."

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Technical details about dox42
  • To design your documents, use Microsoft Add-ins for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • The dox42 server can integrate these documents fully automatically into your processes. The call is made via a web service interface with REST and SOAP. This flexible interface allows you to call dox42 documents from any application, and thus independently of Dynamics 365 for Sales or CRM
  • The dox42 server uses your Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint templates when generating documents. You can manage these templates either on a file server or in SharePoint. Adjustments are easily made in Microsoft Office without programming
  • Control flexibly and easily the format (pdf, docx, xlsx, pptx, pdf / a, etc.) and the output of your document. You can open it right away, save it to SharePoint or server, print it out, archive it or send it directly by e-mail

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