Automated document generation from Dynamics CRM | D365 Customer Engagement 

Dynamics CRM document generation made easy. Generate appealing and individual documents like quotes, proposals, e-mails, reports from Microsoft Dynamics CRM or D365 CE with one click. You can easily create and edit your templates in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint with a no-code approach. Save a lot of hassle and finally concentrate on your key competences as Copy/Paste is no longer needed to generate attractive and intelligent Dynamics CRM documents. 

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Why customers choose dox42 for Dynamics CRM | D365 CE document generation

Template Design in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Template Design in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Let business users create complex, detailed document templates by themselves – as they are already used to work with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The data is inserted via drag & drop and templates can easily be designed in corporate design.

Secure in the Cloud with dox42

Secure in the Cloud with dox42

Use dox42 Online together with Microsoft-Cloud Applications like Microsoft SharePoint Online or Dynamics 365 completely impersonated as dox42 Online is using the permissions of the logged in Microsoft user. Also dox42 Online doesn’t save any data and uses end-to-end encryption.

High quality D365 CE  documents with one Click

High quality D365 CE documents with one Click

Generate appealing and individual quotes, service reports, sales reports, contracts and all other documents with dynamic tables and diagrams, pictures, bar codes, text modules, conditions and calculations from D365 CE and Dynamics CRM fully automated

Flexible no-code data integration from all systems

Flexible no-code data integration from all systems

Connect the data of all your D365 CE entities easily & without code. Nesting and relationships are supported too by dox42 Dynamics CRM document generation. Also integrate data from Dynamics 365 FO|AX, BC|NAV, SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft 365 Office, databases, web services, workflows, and much more.

Various Output Formats

Various Output Formats

Output PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, save in Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, send by email, sign electronically, HTML or even print. The choice is yours - dox42 supports all common output formats.

Eliminate Copy & Paste errors and react faster

Eliminate Copy & Paste errors and react faster

Copy & paste is time-consuming, costly and error-prone. Wrong data in a document or sending it to the wrong recipient is embarrassing and can become expensive. Eliminate this risk, save time with automation and react quickly.

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Just 4 steps to your automated Dynamics CRM documents

Template design in Microsoft Office

Step 1: Template design in Microsoft 365

Create templates in MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint using the dox42 Add-In and insert data fields by drag and drop. Complex conditions and nesting are no longer a problem!


No-Code data integration

Step 2: No-Code data integration

Configure your D365 CE/CRM data sources and others such as FO BC, SharePoint, SAP, SQL, WebService, XML/JSON and more with our DataMap Designer with a no-code approach.

Document generation in Dynamics CRM | CE by a click or workflow

Step 3: Generate documents by a click or workflow

Dynamics CRM document generation seamlessly integrates with your system. The dox42 server is a web service with a REST and SOAP interface and can therefore be integrated into almost any button, workflow or application, independently from Dynamics CRM.

Choose from various output actions

Step 4: Choose from various output actions

Attach generated documents to a Dynamics CRM | D365 CE entity, store them in SharePoint/Teams or choose to digitally sign and send attached by e-mail.


"Powerful Document Automation for Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Teams, PowerPlatform - incl. Customer Case FRASER Yachts" 

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dox42 is global sponsor and member of the Dynamic Communities and Power Community & Microsoft 365 Saturday 

"dox42 is the preferred document generation tool of the Dynamics community" – Raz Dynamics, President of D365 Dynamics Saturdays, Microsoft MVP

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