dox42 LIVE – Generate documents on your smartphone, tablet or your PC automatically in your web browser

dox42 LIVE

Using dox42 LIVE, you can generate documents automatically in your browser on your smartphone, tablet and on your PC at any time and everywhere. You can generate your documents 24/7, create PowerPoint presentations directly from your tablet or smartphone, and update your latest analyses in Excel – with full data integration of all dox42 data sources.

Generate mobile documents easily

In a lot of real life situations documents need to be created and published quickly. For example in sales or support situations, for the creation of a contract, or for presenting the latest project details to a business partner. dox42 LIVE, as a web-based solution, offers you the possibility to generate your dox42 templates customized to your requirements at any time. For that, a variety of output formats is at your disposal.

Quick Roll-out in your company

Using dox42 LIVE you can roll out your project very quickly for several departments.

All data sources of your company can be used 

With dox42 LIVE it is possible to access data from various data sources like databases, Microsoft® SharePoint, MS Dynamics CRM, MS Dynamics AX, MS Dynamics NAV, SAP, WebServices, Microsoft® Excel, XML/JSON or Custom Data Sources. For the generation of documents the content and its dependencies are resolved automatically. Thus, you can create individual and attractive documents.

Work with input parameters

dox42 LIVE works with the input parameters defined in the dox42 Office Add-Ins beforehand. Data from the configurated data sources, like customer names, invoice numbers etc., is loaded.

dox42 LIVE supports you perfectly in many different areas – wherever your colleagues or customers need to generate documents in Self Service via a simple web surface. The dynamically generated document is displayed on your device immediately or can be modified using the Microsoft® Office Apps.

Template design in MS Office

The creation of dox42 templates in familiar Microsoft® Office environment is done using the dox42 Office Add-Ins. Start with your existing Office templates, a dox42 template is an Office document.

dox42 LIVE Advantages

  • Unlimited users
  • Device-independent
  • Mobile document generation
  • Quick roll-out
  • Applicable for every stakeholder of your company
  • Use data from multiple sources in one document (Databases, MS Dynamics CRM, MS Dynmics AX, MS Dynamics NAV, SAP, WebServices, Microsoft® Excel, XML/JSON or Custom Datasources)

dox42 LIVE