Document Generation: Document creation and why to automate it

Documents are created daily in every organization, company-wide. Invoices have to be sent millions of times. The number of offers is lower, but individual responsiveness to customer needs and quick preparation are important. Contracts and insurance policies follow complex logic. Sales presentations should be visually convincing. The list of scenarios for document automation is endless. But what are the specific advantages of document automation?

How you can benefit from the advantages of document automation

Save a lot of time

Save a lot of time

Creating documents manually using copy - paste takes an incredible amount of time and nerves. Use our ROI calculator to calculate yourself what you can save in your company

Faster response to requests

Faster response to requests

Sending your offers to your customers faster is an advantage of its own.

No more mistakes

No more mistakes

Automation eliminates errors. After all, mistakes can not only be awkward, but also very expensive for example if a wrong addressee creates a GDPR data breach.

Enables self-service processes

Enables self-service processes

Customers love it when, for example they can simply insure their car online, register an energy contract or make a booking. This enables new market entries and new customers.

Respond flexibly to market opportunities or legal changes

Respond flexibly to market opportunities or legal changes

Flexibly automated documents can be adapted quickly, so you are also prepared for unpredictable situations.

Uniform and attractive corporate design

Uniform and attractive corporate design

A uniform appearance is of great strategic importance in the business world.

Scenarios for document creation in companies

In many companies, documents are still created using copy and paste. Document creation is usually experienced as time-consuming, frustrating and tedious. The required content usually already exists, is distributed in different systems and is copied from the individual systems into the designated areas of the existing templates. This is flexible and allows employees to respond individually to different design requirements, but at the same time puts them under great pressure because copy and paste is very tedious and error-prone on the one hand, and very slow and therefore expensive on the other. That's why fast and error free generation of documents is essential. For example with dox42 you can fulfill GDPR Subject Access Requests fast, flexible, error free and lawful.

Scenarios of document generation for document automation

To overcome these challenges, companies often use automation, such as VBA macros, mail merge or office scripts. Even if this can somewhat reduce the number of potential errors and the intensity of manual work, it is still difficult to make the necessary adjustments to these macros and scripts. In most cases, complete process automation is not possible, it remains at “9 to 5”. From an automation perspective, this approach is a functional dead end.

The third and apparently most powerful approach that companies take is to rely on all-in-one document creation from an application, such as their ERP or CRM system. This enables many tasks to be automated and the ability to create documents around the clock, but is neither individual nor flexible. Changes and individual design adjustments cannot be made by the business users, but, because programming skills are required, only by the IT department. Flexibility is lost, or have you ever seen an attractive looking insurance policy?

The optimal solution would be to combine the intuitive and individual adaptation of documents by business users with flexible and powerful integration into any ERP, CRM or other systems. And now comes the good news: there is a solution!

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Combining the advantages of an attractive document design with many data sources and server-side document automation? The solution!

Generate documents by a click or workflow

Variety of systems

dox42 integrates into a variety of systems such as SharePoint, Teams, SAP, MS Dynamics 365 CE, Power Automate and Azure Active Directory.

You benefit from an excellent process of automation and a highly secure document creation.

Template design in Microsoft Office

Attractive document design

An attractive document design in Microsoft 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) enables business users to design and adapt document templates easily, intuitively and without programming in their own corporate design. This saves an enormous amount of time and eliminates the risk of copy & paste errors. In addition, the number of templates is significantly reduced through the use of intelligent conditions and text modules from any number of data sources.

Generate documents by a click or workflow

No-Code Tool 

dox42 is a no-code tool. Data from all sources such as SharePoint, Dynamics 365, SAP, Excel, SQL etc. can be integrated easily and without technical knowledge. You can also run document generation on a server. You can choose to do this in the cloud or on site. With just a simple click or workflow, all your documents are created automatically.

No-Code data integration

Output formats

You can output individual documents in all common output formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint. This can either be triggered on-premise or automatically via a server.


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