dox42 Skribble Integration

Sign your documents electronically with dox42 and Skribble – legally valid with just a few clicks.
Send and sign dox42-generated documents via Skribble in a breeze. Easy to integrate into any application, workflow, CRM- or ERP-system or Microsoft SharePoint.

Documents for digital signing in one step

Documents for digital signing in one step

Send automatically dox42-generated documents via Skribble in just one step.

Complete process automation

Complete process automation

Automate the whole process of document generation and digital transaction.

Flexible system integration

Flexible system integration

Combine dox42 document automation and Skribble electronic signatures in any system, application or workflow.

dox42 Document Automation with Skribble

Design documents in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Before sending documents for digital signage, design and individualize them with the dox42 Add-Ins in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Integrate dynamic tables and diagrams, images, bar codes, text modules, conditions and calculations into documents based on data from Microsoft Dynamics 365, SharePoint, SAP, SQL, WebService, XML/JSON and more. Set up and integrate your data sources with the dox42 Datamap Designer and design your document with Microsoft 365 Office functionalities – all without any programming.


Flexible output options with dox42 document automation

Flexible output options

You want to send your documents for digital signature, but at the same time store them in an archiving or ERP-system? The choice is yours with dox42 – save documents including metadata to Microsoft SharePoint and Teams, as attachments to Dynamics 365 entities or in any document management system. dox42 supports all common output formats. Generate and distribute your business documents such as contracts, offers, invoices and many more with dox42 document automation and Skribble.


Generate and send documents automatically through dox42 Custom Output Action

Send through dox42 Custom Output Action

The dox42 DigitalSigningSkribble Action is a custom output action for the dox42 Server to send generated documents automatically and directly to Skribble for digital signing. No extra dox42 module is needed. The dox42 DigitalSigningSkribble Action can be easily installed separately on your dox42 Server.


dox42 and Skribble integration at easyJet

Faced with the massive challenge of how to distribute HR-documents to its pilot and cabin crew work force, easyJet Switzerland with the collaboration of dox42 and Skribble implemented a digital solution in just 10 days. By linking dox42 with Skribble's e-signing platform, individually issued documents can be signed directly using a simple electronic signature (SES) that requires no account creation for the employees. Learn more here >>

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