dox42 Server
Generate documents automatically - seamlessly integrated

dox42 AddIn Server

The dox42 Server uses dox42 templates to generate documents in any format automatically.
With the dox42 Office Add-Ins you can design your dox42 templates, using your already existing Office documents.

Integrate the dox42 Server seamlessly into your websites, applications, electronic forms, CRM-systems or workflows. Automate your Output Management without constraints.

dox42 Server Output Actions

You define, which output actions the dox42 Server carries out with your document(s) upon server call:

Return Action Return Action
Return document(s) in the required format
Save Action Save Action
Save document(s) in the required format to your filesystem
E-Mail Action E-Mail Action
Send document(s) in the required format as mail or mail attachments
SharePoint Action SharePoint Action
Save document(s) in the required format to SharePoint, set column values and check in. Of course that also works for Office 365!
Print Action Print Action
Print document(s)
Custom Output Action Custom Output Action
Extend the dox42 Server with self-developed Output Actions as Plug-Ins

dox42 Features

dox42 Server Integration

The dox42 Server can be easily integrated via REST or SOAP.

Test your dox42 Server with the provided test client. Use the test client to create your dox42 REST links easily.

dox42 Server Advantages

Check Unlimited users
Check Unlimited documents
Check Available for on premisses installation or pure coud service dox42 Online
Check Integrate in SharePoint, workflows, website, CRM, electronic forms and applications easily
Check No installation for the user needed
Check High-performance document creation, e.g. 100,00 mobile invoices in PDF/A format using Standard Windows 2008 Server per hour
Check Save time and costs with automatically generated documents
Check Relief of IT department as the templates can be designed by business users
Check Safety, as the dox42 Servers are managed by the IT department

System Requirements

  • Windows Server since 2008
  • IIS and ASP.NET activated
  • .NET 4.5.2
  • Windows Azure
No MS Office installation for the dox42 Server required.

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