dox42 for Power Automate and Power Apps

Integrate dox42 seamlessly with your Microsoft Power Automate Flows and Microsoft Power Apps.
With dox42, you generate business documents like quotes, reports, contracts, e-mails and more right where you need them and across all your technology platforms.

Full process automation

Full process automation

Use dox42 for full process automation. dox42 integrates seamlessly with Power Automate flows and Power Apps, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365, as well as with any common workflow solution, like FireStart, Nintex, K2 or others.

Template Design in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Template Design in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Let business users create complex, detailed document templates by themselves – as they are already used to work with MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The data is inserted via drag & drop and templates can be easily designed in corporate design.

Flexible no-code system integration

Flexible no-code system integration

Combine and link data from D365 CE | Dynamics CRM, D365 FO | Dynamics AX, D365 BC | Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, Dataverse, SharePoint, SQL, SAP, databases, web services and more – all without any coding. dox42 is the tool that fits for all your systems.

Save time & costs

Save time & costs

Save time, costs and nerves when creating and generating documents. dox42 saves you time-consuming programming or tedious copy & paste. Design your documents, connect to your data sources and build your Power Automate & Power Apps flows – all without any programming.

Various output possibilities

Various output possibilities

Output PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, save in Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, send by email, sign electronically, HTML or even print. Trigger document generation automatically through flows or directly in your systems.

Intelligent and high quality documents

Intelligent and high quality documents

Integrate dynamic tables and diagrams, pictures, bar codes, text modules, conditions, calculations and much more. With dox42, business users can easily adapt documents themselves at any time.

Document Automation with Power Automate and Power Apps

Document generation using Power Automate

Use dox42 for Power Automate to build any process for the generation, approval, delivery and storage of documents. Integrate dox42 into your existing Power Automate flows or build new ones. You arrange the flow steps and conditions in the interface you know. The dox42 service calls can be easily configured using the dox42 Server Designer.

Integration with Power Apps

Developing custom solutions with document output is costly and time-consuming? Not anymore. Easily build your own application with Microsoft Power Apps and let dox42 take care of the document generation. dox42 integrates seamlessly with any other connector and can be used with any new or existing Power App. Connecting all your technology platforms and creating documents with data from all your systems has never been easier.


Complete process automation

dox42 lets you focus on your tasks and responsibilities while handling the process of generating documents. The dox42 Server is called via a web service interface with REST and SOAP. This flexible interface allows you to call dox42 documents from any application, including Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, Dynamics 365 or any workflow solution, including FireStart, Nintex, K2 and others.
You are also completely flexible with your document output. Generate reports individually or in batches as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, PDF/A, PDF Forms, HTML, .msg or any other file type. Save to Microsoft SharePoint or any other document management system, print, add electronic signatures or send emails – everything is possible, dox42 supports all common output formats.


Document design in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

With dox42 you individualize new or already existing documents in Microsoft 365 Office, no matter how complex they are. With the dox42 Add-Ins, you set up and integrate conditions, repeated sections, dynamic tables, bar codes, calculations, images, text blocks, sub-documents and other elements within Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You insert dox42 data fields with drag and drop, move them flexibly to the desired position and layout the document with the familiar Microsoft 365 Office functionalities.

Flexible data integration with dox42

Combine data across all platforms

Take advantage of the possibility to integrate multiple data sources into your documents. dox42 automatically manages the dependencies between all data. Realize the full potential dox42 by combining data from Microsoft Dataverse, D365 CE | Dynamics CRM, D365 FO | Dynamics AX, D365 BC | Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, SharePoint, Excel, SQL, SAP, databases, web services, XML/JSON, SAP or your custom sources.

dox42 is member of leading Dynamics Communities

Preferred document generation tool of Dynamics community


dox42 is the only document automation tool that enables you to link data and documents across the whole Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and has been a part of the global Microsoft Dynamics 365 community for a long time. As member and sponsor of the Power Platform Community & Microsoft 365 Saturday as well as Dynamic Communities, dox42 is always close to the latest Dynamics trends and developments. "dox42 is the preferred document generation tool of the Dynamics community", according to Raz Dynamics, President of D365 Saturdays & Microsoft MVP.

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