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... requires minimal amount of effort to master dox42!

Insel Group with the University Hospital “Inselspital” Bern fulfills an important position in the Swiss health care system. The Insel Group with its six locations is a medical competence-, high technology- and knowledge-center with international radiance, as well as a meeting point for science and research. More than 10,000 employees do their best every day and therefore annually more than 500,000 patients (of whom around 61,500 are inpatients) get the best possible medicine and individual care.

“It requires extensive processes, many of which are supported by SAP. This creates a need for automated PDF and Word-document generation, based on the process information and SAP data.”

Up until now, these requirements were fulfilled by programming and changes in the layout were only possible through the development department. With the use of dox42 it is now possible to integrate various documents and create the necessary templates intuitively and quickly in MS Office. It required only a minimal amount of effort to master dox42.

The generation of documents is possible directly from the user interface, initiated by the user, as well as at the process completion automated by workflow solutions.

The project management’s request was to create PM analyses from SharePoint with extensive calculations, which can now be quickly and easily achieved with dox42 and a simple Excel-template.

Additionally mentioned was their positive experience with short response times and the competent information services of the dox42 support team.
The specialist department was very satisfied with the achieved solutions. Further requirements came up, some of which are already being realized.

The University Hospital “Inselspital” Bern is an important economic factor with high added value and its services are appreciated. Though dox42 is just a small component, it is one that helps developing.

Carmen Kretschmer

Solution Architect SAP @ Inselgruppe, Universitätsspital Bern

Carmen Kretschmer - Solution Architect SAP at Inselgruppe, Universitätsspital Bern