Pure Cloud with dox42 Online

Use all the dox42 Server functions as Software as a Service.
Create offers, invoices, presentations, contracts, e-mails and many other documents in the cloud - safe and secure through Microsoft Entra ID authentication without storing any data on the server.


Intuitive Management

Intuitive Management

Access your dox42 Online settings through the dox42 Management UI and set up your dox42 Online Server with just a few clicks. No manual installation, updates or patches are required.

Unlimited users

Unlimited users

With dox42 Online an unlimited number of users generate documents right from your applications (SharePoint, D365, SAP, PowerApps…) as dox42 integrates natively in all of them. dox42 document automation thus also guarantees easy navigation for business users, saving time, costs and nerves.

Quick Roll-Out

Quick Roll-Out

Through the time-saving set-up of dox42 Online, you will save valuable resources. You will generate and send up to 100.000 documents per month starting from 590.- with our standard licensing.

High performance document generation

High performance document generation

Use dox42 Online for high-performance document automation. With our load balanced platform, there is no limit on how many documents you can create with dox42.

Secure and safe

Secure and safe

Secure in the cloud with impersonation through Microsoft Entra ID. dox42 Online does not store any data and uses end-to-end encryption.

Flexible no-code data integration from all systems

Flexible no-code data integration from all systems

Connect all your systems without code. Integrate data from Dynamics 365 FO | AX, CE | CRM | Dataverse , BC | NAV, SAP, SharePoint, Teams, databases, web services, workflows, and many more.

System Requirements

  • SharePoint Online or d.velop Documents for template management
  • dox42 Online tenant
  • Microsoft Entra ID Registration for dox42 Online
  • dox42 Add-ins for template design
  • Any other system you connect your data from (e.g. Dynamics 365 CE, Dataverse, FO, BC, SAP, etc.)

Document Automation with dox42 Online

All dox42 Server functions in the cloud

All dox42 Server functions in the Cloud

With dox42 Online, you are using all dox42 Server functionalities as Software as a Service. It is an Azure hosted Web service with an extensive API that allows the generation of documents via REST or SOAP calls and the integration of various data sources like Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics 365, SAP, XML/JSON, databases and many more.

Secure and safe in the Cloud with Azure Active Directory

Secure and safe in the Cloud

dox42 Online follows a token based authentication and uses Microsoft Entra ID authentication to obtain the necessary rights to generate documents in a Cloud environment. It does not store any data or credentials on the Server. Furthermore, all communication with dox42 Online is encrypted through https.

dox42 Online is fully GDPR-compliant and all necessary documents are provided within the management application of your dox42 Online Server.

The dox42 Management UI is the central portal for all your dox42 Online settings

Intuitive Management

The dox42 Management UI (MAUI) is the central portal for all your dox42 Online and Server settings. Define your trusted template locations, configure your mail server, test your web service, access your log files, find all necessary documentations and much more - with the intuitive interface and extensive features, you can integrate dox42 Online into your process within just a few clicks.

Automate documents with dox42 Online and design templates in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Design document templates in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

To generate individualized documents based on your data, dox42 Online uses templates created with the dox42 Add-Ins. You upload and manage these templates on SharePoint Online or d.velop Documents. No matter how complex your documents are: you can connect to your systems and insert conditions, text blocks, images, bar codes and more without any programming. To access your SharePoint Online or Dynamics 365 data, you connect via Microsoft Entra ID. For other systems, username/password or the specific authentication method required for that system may be used, e.g. AAD application user.

Flexible System Integration

Generate documents right where you need to: from Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Teams, d.velop, web forms, chatbots, workflows, SAP and many other applications. With its extensive API, dox42 Online allows the generation of documents via REST or SOAP calls and therefore the seamless integration into any workflow, application, electronic form, CRM- and ERP-system or website.


Test your dox42 Server calls with the Server Designer

dox42 Server Designer

Configure and test server calls with our dox42 Server Designer. It also works with Microsoft Entra ID Authentication - this way, it makes setting up dox42 Online even easier. 


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