High Quality Documents from Dynamics 365

"Fraser is a leading provider in the yacht industry taking care of everything from yacht chartering, brokerage, yacht marketing, yacht management and new builds. We have over 150 employees working at over 20 locations worldwide.

We operate in a very glamourous industry devoted to delivering the highest levels of luxury and quality. And this is also the standard we strive for when it comes to our documents.

When we started the project, our main requirement was to create very high-quality documents directly from Dynamics CRM. We wanted to include various content types, like high-quality images in varying sizes, from many different data sources and be able to adapt our documents fast and easily to meet our corporate design and quality standards. And we found that dox42 fulfills all our requirements.

With dox42 our users can now easily and intuitively produce very high-end documents, like sales presentations or brochures, from CRM in combination with SharePoint. In the background, dox42 is intuitive to handle as well. We are not a company full of developers, but it is still very easy to maintain and adapt templates.

For us, the biggest advantages working with dox42 are:

  • Working with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint - It is very easy to design your documents as we are used to work within those applications. Our Marketing department for example can adapt documents according to corporate design very easily.
  • Intuitive data management, integration, and combination – dox42 has a very visual feel and is therefore very easy to navigate when it comes to integrating and combining different data sources, even for non-programmers.
  • Easy to start POC/testing and quality of support – The level of experience and support is just phenomenal at dox42. They were able to deliver and achieve what we required from the beginning on and so far, there has not been any question that the dox42 team could not answer.

With dox42 we were able to implement the solution we required very quickly, efficiently and to the satisfaction of all our users.

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Keith Fowler

CRM Project Manager @ Fraser Yachts