Efficient processes and growth through fast implementation and flexible adaptation of documents

I founded Arwinger Caravaning in Spring 2021 with the invention of the cassette separation toilet. We develop and produce conversion kits in Hamburg for converting chemical cassette toilets permanently installed in camping vehicles into separating toilets with cassettes.

In addition to the caravaning start-up, I have been running the IT company Sven Mahn IT, a consulting and development partner for Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, for almost 20 years. Due to my proximity to the IT world, Arwinger has been strongly digitalized right from the start. We use state-of-the-art methods and innovative technologies to optimize design, production, documentation and collaboration with our suppliers.

Arwinger's technology stack mainly consists of Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, Dynamics 365 CE and the Power Platform, with dox42 being responsible for document creation. With dox42 we can create a variety of documents such as production documents, invoices, quotations and delivery notes quickly and easily. The fast generation of these documents allowed us to implement efficient processes and build our business at high speed. With dox42, document creation can be flexibly adapted to changing requirements and business processes.

A good example of this speed is our trade fair app: based on a Power App, we record customer data directly at trade fairs, transfer it to the relevant systems and immediately send an invoice to the customer based on this data. We were able to implement this app in just 1 ½ days.

Our experience with the introduction of dox42 was extremely positive. We were particularly impressed by the simplicity of the product. Thanks to dox42, we no longer have to program SSRS reports, we have the flexibility to address different data sources and document creation in Microsoft Word is fun again.

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Sven Mahn

CEO @ Sven Mahn IT & @ Arwinger

Sven Mahn - CEO @ Sven Mahn IT &    at Arwinger