With dox42 we have revolutionized our offer process

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Before the implementation of dox42, we were faced with the challenge that we could not automatically transfer our Dynamics CRM data into our sales documents. The data had to be transferred manually with a lot of effort, or the users created their own templates to simplify things, which made central maintenance difficult. With dox42, we now generate offers and contracts by selecting a template directly from the CRM. The selection of templates is integrated into the Dynamics CRM ribbon and is therefore accessible to the user during the creation of sales opportunities, etc.

When a template is selected, the document generation process starts, pulling the required data from the CRM and connected SharePoint lists with text blocks. In the process, data relevant to offers and contracts, such as addresses, contact persons, service information, price information and terms, are integrated into each document completely automatically.

The documents are then stored in the correct location in SharePoint under the relevant customer folder or its subfolders for sales opportunities and contracts. The necessary and uniform naming of the documents is also done by dox42, which, for example, inserts offer numbers and version status into the document name.

With dox42, the documents can be designed much more quickly and easily, as well as customized more individually than the standards in Dynamics allow. The possibility to combine content from different data sources (e.g. SharePoint and Dynamics) and to put them into relation stands out. Text blocks, which were previously incorporated into templates by hand, are now automatically pulled from SharePoint lists based on a single CRM metadata information.

Automated storage in the correct location also reduces the workload of our colleagues enormously and supports us in terms of data quality.

Currently, we mainly generate offers and different types of contracts using dox42. In the future, however, we will certainly automate other documents, such as references and company presentations, with dox42 also.

Michael Boog

Solution Sales Manager @ msg services