Sales & Operations documents from D365 with just a click

Peakboard is a German software company specializing in the development of innovative solutions for the visualization and control of real-time data in industrial processes. Our vision is that every factory is as easily controllable as an iPhone.

In sales and operations, we work with Dynamics 365 CRM. We therefore wanted to be able to create and send customer-specific documents directly from CRM. For the required complexity of these documents, the standard options of D365 were far from sufficient. Therefore, we looked around for an alternative and found the right tool with dox42.

Using the dox42 integration with D365, SharePoint and a SQL server, we create and send quotes, invoices, electronic delivery bills, inventory overviews & many more documents directly with a click of a button from CRM. Dynamic documents based on different languages and cultural differences in number formatting and dates are no problem for dox42.

The cooperation with the dox42 team worked very well and led us quickly to our goal. When problems came up, they were solved within a very short time. Thus, we were able to meet all our requirements in a tight time frame.

Patrick Theobald

Founder @ Peakboard

Patrick Theobald - Founder at Peakboard