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We have centralized and streamlined our quote generation from CRM with dox42

E+E Elektronik is an Austrian company specializing in the development and manufacturing of various sensors and systems designed for measuring environmental parameters, including relative humidity, temperature, dew point, moisture in oil, CO₂, flow rates, and more.

We were looking for a new solution to streamline our document generation process within the CRM environment. Our goal was to replace the existing decentralized reporting solution. With dox42, we've found the perfect tool for our use case. We now centrally manage and modify proposal templates, ensuring a consistent design across all our offers. The ability to adapt templates quickly and easily was particularly convincing.

Thanks to dox42, we have significantly simplified generating quotes from Microsoft Dynamics CRM, saving valuable resources in document creation.

Heiko Höllwirth

Head of Business Applications @ E+E Elektronik

Heiko Höllwirth - Head of Business Applications at E+E Elektronik