Automated Document Generation Boosts Efficiency in Music Rights Management

IMRO manages the rights to copyrighted music on behalf of its members (songwriters, composers, and music publishers) and on behalf of members of its affiliated international societies. Music users, such as broadcasters, event venues, and businesses, must pay a flat license fee to use copyrighted music.

At IMRO, we use dox42 to generate invoices and legal documents, particularly for managing royalties and licenses for our music customers.

Among various document generation software options, we chose dox42 primarily because it supports the integration of multiple data sources into documents. We are primarily using dox42 to create documents from Dynamics 365 CRM, but also in combination with other data sources. The speed of the document generation process is crucial for us, and the automated process really enhances our efficiency.

Our journey with dox42 began when meeting their team at a conference. Their support has been outstanding, always ready to assist us with any challenges we face.

We are very pleased with our decision to use dox42 and look forward to continued success together.

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Darren Lee

Software Developer @ IMRO

Darren Lee - Software Developer at IMRO