dox42 is an effective solution to generate documents with data from Dynamics CE and F&O

For almost 40 years, Hudson Benelux is a full-service HR consultancy firm determined to help people and organizations to surpass themselves. We are a trustworthy and loyal HR partner and put our expertise and solutions at the service of candidates, employees and organizations, to grow beyond their expectations.

Over the last years Hudson has replaced a set of fragmented legacy back-office and front-office applications with a fully integrated solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and F&O. This platform is supporting the company’s core processes in the domains of sales, operations and invoicing.

dox42 provided a solution which allows us to generate different types of documents integrating data from both Microsoft Dynamics CE and F&O. We generate invoices, credit notes, collection letters, and order forms from the solution, with the support of dox42. The immediate inclusion of data stored in Microsoft Dynamics into the generated documents has drastically reduced the manual work which was previously required to adapt documents for individual clients.

Apart from being very flexible and dynamic in structuring the different document layouts, dox42 also allowed to organize and maintain the multilingual document templates we use in a very efficient way. Editing the templates is straightforward, and allows non-IT personnel to adapt branding, wording, etc. in the templates as required.

The dox42 solution is proving to be quite effective, and we will be extending our solution with additional types of generated documents based on dox42.

The project was supported by:

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Danny Jacxsens

Head of IT @ Hudson