Integrate XML/JSON data into documents

XML Data Source

Fast access to your data - without programming

With dox42 you can integrate XML/JSON data fast and easily into automated documents. Just select the XML/JSON elements requested in the XML/JSON Data Source Mask. With the dox42 XML/JSON data source you can read out element values, nested structures, lists and attributes. You do not need scheme, XPath or any programming. You just define the elements requested intuitively.

Combination of various data sources

Take the full advantage of the possibility to integrate multiple data sources into your document. dox42 automatically manages the dependencies between all data. Realize the full potential of dox42 by combining various data sources (Database, WebService, Microsoft® SharePoint, Microsoft® Excel or Custom).

Design your templates in Microsoft® Office

As soon as the data sources are configured in the XML/JSON Data Source Mask, you design templates with the dox42 Office Add-Ins conveniently in Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel or Microsoft® PowerPoint. Certainly you can start with existing Word or Excel documents to build templates.

Generate documents locally or server-based

When generating, dox42 runs the defined query and automatically integrates the data into the documents. It's up to you, how to generate your document. Use the same template to generate on the dox42 Server or directly from the dox42 Add-Ins.

At a glance

  • Integrate XML/JSON data intuitively
  • Use data from multiple sources in one document (Database, WebService, Microsoft® SharePoint, Microsoft® Excel or Custom)
  • No Scheme, no XPath, no programming required

Here´s how it works

Die sample template "Mobile Invoice" shows you, how to build an automated document with access to an XML/JSON data source and how to integrate QR-Codes.