Integrate XML/JSON Data into Documents

Intuitively integrate XML/JSON data into your documents – no Scheme, no XPath or any programming required.
Make use of the data from all your systems by combining multiple data sources, including data bases, WebService, Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics 365 and many others.

dox42 XML/JSON Integration

Template Design in Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Template Design in Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Let business users create complex, detailed document templates by themselves – as they are already used to work with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The data is inserted via drag & drop and templates can easily be designed in corporate design.

Flexible no-code system integration

Flexible no-code system integration

Integrate XML/JSON without programming and use data from multiple sources in one document. Combine and link data from web services, Dynamics 365, Dataverse, SharePoint, SQL, SAP, databases and more.

Various Output Formats

Various Output Formats

Generate output in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and save in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. With dox42 you can send documents by email, sign electronically, produce HTML or even print directly. Enjoy complete flexibility with support for all common output formats.

System Requirements

  • dox42 Add-Ins
  • dox42 Server (On-Premises or dox42 Online)

Tutorial Videos

dox42 Document Automation with XML/JSON Data

Design documents in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

As soon as the data sources are configured in the XML/JSON Data Source Mask, you design templates with the dox42 Enterprise Add-In conveniently in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Certainly you can start with existing Word or Excel documents to build templates.

Integrate data from XML / JSON without any programming

Fast access to data - without programming

With dox42 you can integrate XML/JSON data fast and easily into automated documents. Just select the XML/JSON elements requested in the XML/JSON Data Source Mask. With the dox42 XML/JSON data source you can read out element values, nested structures, lists and attributes. You do not need scheme, XPath or any programming. You just define the elements requested intuitively.

Generate documents locally or server-based

When generating, dox42 runs the defined query and automatically integrates the data into the documents. It's up to you, how to generate your document. Use the same template to generate on the dox42 Server or directly from the dox42 Add-Ins.

Combination of various data sources

Take the full advantage of the possibility to integrate multiple data sources into your document. dox42 automatically manages the dependencies between all data. Realize the full potential of dox42 by combining various data sources (Databases, WebService, Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics 365, SAP, XML/JSON, Excel, and many more).

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