Integrate data from Microsoft® SharePoint into documents

SharePoint Data Source

Always up-to-date with dox42 and Office 365!

Fast access to data - without programming

With dox42 you can integrate data from Microsoft® SharePoint fast and easily into automated documents. Of course that also works for Office 365! Just select the document libraries or SharePoint lists requested in the SharePoint Data Source Mask.

Integrate data, images and whole documents directly from Microsoft® SharePoint

Data, images and whole documents can be read out from SharePoint and integrated into documents directly.

Save to Microsoft® SharePoint automatically

The dox42 Server enables you to directly save documents to SharePoint. This way your library is always up-to-date.

Combination of various data sources

Take the full advantage of the possibility to integrate multiple data sources into your document. dox42 automatically manages the dependencies between all data. Realize the full potential of dox42 by combining various data sources (Databases, MS CRM, MS AX, MS NAV, SAP, WebServices, Microsoft® Excel, XML or Custom).

Design your templates in Microsoft® Office

As soon as the data sources are configured in the SharePoint Data Source Mask, you design templates with the dox42 Office Add-Ins conveniently in Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel or Microsoft® PowerPoint. Certainly you can start with existing Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents to build templates in your well known Microsoft® Office surrounding.   

Generate documents locally or server-based

When generating, dox42 runs the defined query and automatically integrates the data into the documents. It's up to you, how to generate your document. Use the same template to generate on the dox42 Server or directly from the dox42 Add-Ins. The dox42 Server is build for high performance therefore bulk printing and page intensive documents are no problem for dox42.

Efficient business processes

Due to the ability to easily automate your document generation processes you can focus again on your real business activity. The automated document is really doing what it should do. It helps you fullfill your business goals. Efficient office automation with dox42.

At a glance

  • Integrate data, images and whole documents from Microsoft® SharePoint
  • Save documents to Microsoft® SharePoint
  • Use data from multiple sources in one document (Databases, MS CRM, MS AX, MS NAV, SAP, WebServices, Microsoft® Excel, XML or Custom)
SharePoint Data Source