Automate employee forms with SAP data | dox42 Sample Template

SAP Formular Mitarbeitergespräch

This template shows how you can easily integrate data from SAP into your documents and, for example, generate a form for an employee interview.

In addition, employee photos are connected via an Excel data source and bar codes are dynamically generated.

For this example template you will need:

  • MS Word above 2007
  • MS Excel above 2007
  • The installed and activated dox42 Word Add-in
  • dox42 SAP Add-In (Please contact for the Download Link)
  • The connection data to your SAP system

Have fun trying dox42!


This template shows the following dox42 capabilities

  • Design in Microsoft® Word
  • Integrate employee data from SAP into documents in a completely uncomplicated way
  • Easy combination of different data sources, e.g. with Microsoft® Excel
  • Automatic generation of a QR code
  • Dynamic integration of photos
  • Dropdown selection list for input parameters (e.g. for which employee should the form be generated?)