Automate an Investment Proposal | Sample Template

Investment Proposal

The employees of a bank can create a financial investment proposal directly at the consultation for their existing clients, depending on the chosen risk profile, with just one click. This includes the customer data, the contact details of the bank employees, the current depot including performance, a new diversification proposal as well as the risk and profit forecast for the new portfolio.
The created PowerPoint document can also be sent automatically in any format by email, it can also be printed and saved.

For this example you will need:

  • Excel 2007 and newer
  • PowerPoint 2007 and newer
  • Your installed and activated dox42 Enterprise Add-In (release 3.5 or higher)
Enjoy experimenting!


This template shows the following dox42 capabilities

  • Automation of an investment proposal in PowerPoint
  • Drop-down lists for input parameters (employee, classification of risk)
  • Dynamic table columns
  • Dynamic linking of images and graphs
  • Use Excel as calculation and charting engine