More time for the support of our customers

We, the Department for Economy and Labor (AWA) in the Swiss Canton Zug consider ourselves as the connecting link between the economy and government authorities. What is more, we consider ourselves co-responsible for a good economic climate. Companies benefit from favorable location conditions – the location profits from thriving companies.

We endeavor to constantly improve our customer service and to facilitate manual routine tasks. Together with the Department for Information Technology and Organization we rely on a well-conceived combination of standard software components.

In order to generate documents, which integrate data from electronically submitted AFS-forms automatically, dox42 is in use. Since the required documents are not created manually any more, it is possible to save a lot of time. Furthermore, this time benefits our customers, as their concerns can be processed much faster. What is more, all information is integrated into the forms one-to-one. Thus, typing errors are prevented. Any kind of mistakes can be corrected as well as the wordings in the templates can be edited any time, if required.

Because it is possible to edit dox42 templates fast and easily, we are certain, that we can implement any legal changes that may come in the future efficiently.

Document Automation with dox42 enables us to focus on the support of our customers, our core task, again.

Philippe E.P. Kälin

Department of Economic Affairs @ Department for Economy and Labor Canton Zug