...significantly simplified and accelerated our processes

The Zurich City Council: Implementation and integration of dox42 in Microsoft SharePoint

For business administration and session management in the city council we use dox42 for generating protocols, agenda and other various documents via Microsoft Office Word.

To make sure that the correct and latest information is always available at the right place, Advellence has integrated dox42 directly in the Microsoft SharePoint solution ACTIS of The Zurich City Council. The generated documents are automatically stored in the intended registers and libraries. Through this process, an authorized PDF-protocol can also be automatically created from an editable MS Office Word-protocol using the flow control.

These broad application possibilities have significantly simplified and accelerated our processes. From now on, our employees don’t have to worry about the structure and design of the documents, they can rather focus on the essential contents.

Michael Lamatsch

Vice Town Clerk @ Zurich City Council