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Faster, easier and saving resources

In the course of digitalization and utilization of technological possibilities guaranteeing sustainability, the company Alpin was assigned to replace manual activities by automation. In addition, the paper consumption as well as the expenses for the post-dispatch should be reduced.

Der Verband der Vinschgauer Produzenten für Obst und Gemüste (VI.P) is a production organisation with seven member cooperatives and thus a union of a total of 1700 manufacturers in Vinschgau. These individual manufacturers receive periodic circulars. In addition, they receive individual notifications and personalized documents on a regular basis sent by the respective cooperatives and production company VI.P. Until now, most of these documents have been sent mainly by mail and very rarely by e-mail. The creation of individually tailored information and the forwarding were mostly done manually, which was because of the high number of members very time-consuming and costly.

Process of technical implementation 
The newsletters with the related information are available for download on a new SharePoint platform. dox42 is used to automate the process of generating documents. The individual documents for each member are exported from their ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, as PDFs and uploaded to the SharePoint member portal using the dox42 Server. dox42 software allows the various different document types as well as further criteria for categorization purposes to be stored.

Additionally, responsible administrative employees working for the cooperatives can use the dox42 Office Add-In to work with Microsoft Word creating notices. These documents contain a brief description and a small and clear table with links to all the relevant documents of each respective member. Finally, these reports are sent out as notification e-mails by one single click of a button to all the members. From the manufacturer’s point of view, using the member portal is very simple: one receives an email and can view all the relevant information online with just one click. If necessary, each document can be downloaded and printed.

Faster, easier while saving resources 
Thanks to the cooperation of alpin and dox42, the notification and information process of VI.P to its members was almost completely automated to now saving a lot of time with creation and sending. As a result, the manufacturers can find the documents and information faster and easier and can access and retrieve them anytime in a structured manner within their member portal. In addition, this project makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection and sustainability possible.

"Faster communication channels and more timely messaging with the Vinschgauer producers of fruit and vegetables in the new member portal thanks to dox42" Andreas Oberhofer, IT Responsible VI.P

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Statement published on October 18th, 2019

Andreas Oberhofer

IT Responsible @ VI.P

Andreas Oberhofer - IT Responsible  at VI.P