dox42 centralized management in a complex environment

Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich (VBZ) is the municipal transport company of the Swiss city of Zurich and is part of the Department of Industrial Operations (DIB), a sub-unit of the city administration. VBZ, founded in 1896 as Städtische Strassenbahn Zürich (StStZ), today operates the majority of local public transport in the city, some lines in the region and is one of eight market-responsible companies (MVU) in the Zurich Transport Association (ZVV), which was founded in 1990.

With the introduction of a new, fully digital claims management system from alabus ag for the professional handling of accidents that occur during the year, it was important to have a professional reporting tool available for communication with the parties involved. The integration of dox42 provides us with a secure and centralized reporting server that meets the requirements of the recipient groups and the CI/CD of VBZ 100%. The intuitive possibility to implement new reporting requirements ourselves without suppliers was an essential point for the decision in favor of dox42.

Daniel Graf

Head of Claims/Insurance Service @ Verkehrsbetriebe Zurich

Daniel Graf - Head of Claims/Insurance Service at Verkehrsbetriebe Zurich