Due to very good experiences to more projects with dox42

As IT services company serving the Swiss canton Solothurn we strive to realize our customers’ needs as fast and economically as possible. From an operational perspective we are asked to implement only a few but specialized components. Based on this knowledge we build a portfolio of technical services, which lead to customer solutions by combining them in a smart way. In order to choose the right products for those technical services, two points are crucial to us. On the one hand the fulfillment of the technical requirements and a high connectivity and on the other hand the software producer’s competence and willingness to cooperate. For the building block Document Generation we decided to implement dox42.

Within a very short period of time we were able to launch the fishing license, which was the very first seamlessly integrated and fully electronically generated eGov-application scenario, online. In this process dox42 automatically generates the fishing license, which is then offered to our customers as a PDF document.

As our experience with this product has always been great, we are currently realizing further projects where we are going to implement dox42 as well. With hindsight we can definitely say that we are more than happy to have chosen dox42, as the integration of dox42 in well-known Office products makes it easy and efficient to use dox42.

For all those reasons I definitely recommend the product dox42 and the company behind it.

Roland Egli

Head of Platform & Application Management @ Canton Solothurn