By using dox42, we can save a lot of resources and costs

The Office of the Salzburg Provincial Government consists of 10 departments and 5 district administrative authorities and employs approximately 2500 people. The IT and Internal Services Department operates its own network for the server and telephone system.

The Customer Service Department provides both software and hardware, and in the software area, we not only support applications but also develop them ourselves. We place great importance to providing our citizens with modern Internet-based applications. 

We currently use dox42 in our funding applications to automate document creation, for contracts, permits and other letters. We are currently in the process of converting to dox42 in the SAP area in order to automatically create reminders or purchase orders there. We will also incorporate bulk letters from dox42.

Due to the good experiences, we are also thinking of integrating dox42 into other specialist applications. Due to the easy installation and the simple creation of dox42 templates, we decided to use dox42. Important for us is also the connection of various databases such as SAP or Microsoft Dynamics. 

Furthermore, many standards are integrated in dox42, which of course gives us a lot of security. By using dox42, we can save a lot of resources and costs internally, because due to the simple and intuitive creation of templates in Word. These can be outsourced to specialist departments, thus relieving IT.

If we encounter any problems during the creation of templates or during the installation, we can always call on dox42 support.

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Astrid Maschits

Product Manager @ The Office of the Salzburg Provincial Government