dox42 is an all-round solution for us, which fits perfectly into the ERP landscape

"Once you get the hang of it, it's really great!" says Kai Trenkel, IT-Admin ERP at RINGOPLAST GmbH and responsible for the dox42 integration in Microsoft Dynamics.

For years, RINGOPLAST, a manufacturer of plastic transport and storage containers for bakeries, butchers or fruit and vegetable growers, has relied on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. In the older versions, Mr. Trenkel had customized the documents in Dynamics himself using the programming language.

With the update to the current architecture of the ERP system Business Central, the programming routines were changed. MODUS Consult pointed out the possibilities of dox42 to RINGOPLAST. dox42 made the promise that the document design would be as easy as a Word mail merge. "At first understanding the exact connection was a bigger act, but once you figure it out, designing invoices, reminders, pallet slips, order confirmations and more is really much easier than before." It is also worth highlighting that dox42 allows recurring content and design elements to be managed centrally, so that changes do not have to be made in all document types, but only in one place. "And that can then simply be an Excel sheet," says Kai Trenkel, pleased with the flexibility of dox42.

In addition to the creation of document types for Microsoft Dynamics, the generated documents are also prepared for mail dispatch and transferred to the Exchange server.

Kai Trenkel

IT-Administrator ERP @ Ringoplast GmbH

Kai Trenkel - IT-Administrator ERP at Ringoplast GmbH