...there was a solution: dox42!

POG Precision Optics Gera GmbH develops, produces and distributes high-precision optical components, as well as systems and appliances used internationally, most of all in the fields of measurement technology, industrial image processing, medical-, laser-, space- and semiconductor industry, sport- and military optics.

POG is Navision user and customer of BSH AG since 2005. As part of the update-projects from Navision 4.0 to NAV 2015, design adaptations for all statements/receipts as well as for new reports became necessary. “Simple” adaptations up to that point were made by POG. The expenses for training and report designing in SQL-Reporting-Services would have been very high, and for “none-programmers” barely possible – but there was a solution: dox42!

We were immediately impressed by the flexible formatting in MS Word and the possibility to integrate other tables and data sources. Already after one dox42 training, our key users were able to produce standard documents for sales and distribution, purchase, production and QA on their own. We are very satisfied, dox42 has proven to be the right decision.

Jan Schubach

CEO @ POG - Precisions Optics Gera GmbH

Jan Schubach - CEO at POG - Precisions Optics Gera GmbH