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For us, dox42 is a unique and efficient solution for automated document generation

We have been advising and supporting companies in modern communication and collaboration using the latest, innovative Microsoft technologies for over 25 years. We are an innovative company that specializes in the digitalization of business processes. With dox42, we have found a powerful solution to create documents automatically and individually. We use dox42 both internally in our company and externally for our customers.

Internally, we use dox42 to automatically generate documents such as quotations and invoices. The integration into Microsoft Dynamics enables us to transfer data from the CRM system directly into Word documents and send them by e-mail.

We offer our customers customized solutions for document generation with dox42. Our customers can create Word documents such as invoices, quotations, confirmations of receipt or notices of termination easily and automatically. We also support our customers in connecting dox42 to various CRM systems. In addition, we act as consultants for our customers.

We are very satisfied with dox42 and appreciate the flexibility, reliability and user-friendliness of the software. We recommend dox42 as an ideal solution for automated document generation.

Gunnar Schiller

Director Sales @ nteam

Gunnar Schiller - Director Sales at nteam