Standardized Structures and Distribution in Accordance with Corporate Design Guidelines

The project by corner4 Information Technology GmbH for MILENG COE (NATO Millitary Engineering Center of Excellence) included the setup of intranet, extranet and homepage based on SharePoint. An important aspect in the system environment of MILENG COE is the creation of forms and reports formatted according to corporate design guidelines.

Forms are created in InfoPath and integrated in SharePoint. Because of the limitations in design, layout and formatting in InfoPath, dox42 is used to enable a standardized transformation. Various sources provide the necessary data to create the documents. Afterwards, PDFs are created according to CD and made available via links.

That creates many advantages:

  • Simplified creation of documents with the dox42 Word integration
  • Connection to various data sources and modified visualization of data
  • Reports are revaluated and modified by dox42
  • Custom visualization of data according to corporate design guidelines
  • PDFs are readily available through links
  • Edited files initiate an update of the respectively generated PDFs, hence, information is always up to date.

@ NATO Millitary Engineering Centre of Excellence