... 80% faster response times ...

With our distribution partner A1 we insure mobile phones in Austria and Southeast Europe and count over 200,000 satisfied customers. They benefit from dox42 as well as the customers of our wedding weather insurance.

We use dox42 to create insurance policies that are filled dynamically with customer data we receive via an API.

Among others, dox42 provides us with these advantages:

1) Reduction of complexity: fewer document templates due to logic in the document.

2) Faster Time2Market: Speed up the approval process AND flexible collaboration with external partners from design to the final dynamic document. This allowed us to reduce the turnaround time from usually 2 weeks to 48 hours.

3) Fast, reliable document generation:

  • 13 pages of PDF documents with dynamic content, multiple images and a generated QR codes,
  • more than 20,000 views per month, 24x7 through online closures,
  • 80% faster response times on the interfaces to our partners compared to the previous solution,
  • and everything runs smoothly

We are very satisfied and certain to find more application scenarios for dox42 in the coming months and years.

Alfred Karl

Head of IT & Digital Transformation @ L'AMIE direkt