Independent creation of D365 FO documents saves costs & time

Krone Fleet is one of Europe's largest commercial vehicle rental companies, with decades of expertise in trailer and chassis rental. With our extensive infrastructure and services, we are able to offer our customers the perfect rental solution for every transportation requirement.

To support our extensive operations, we need a robust IT system. For years, we've been relying on the Microsoft suite and while previously utilizing AX 2012, we're now in the final stages of transitioning to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.

When choosing our new ERP system, we considered different options on the market and found that D365 FO, combined with annata, provides the best foundation for our complex requirements. However, we encountered a challenge regarding document management, particularly in handling attachments related to vehicle maintenance and service. This included attaching documents such as images and reports from general inspections. We asked our Microsoft partner Rödl Dynamics GmbH for their support, and they ultimately pointed us towards the right solution: dox42.

Following a brief training period, our team now manages dox42 internally. One of our team members handles the document template design in Word independently, which is a great advantage for us. It enables us to quickly address the needs of our specialist departments, including country-specific differences, and promptly implement changes in our test environment for immediate feedback.

Furthermore, the capability to manage costs internally is a substantial advantage in any ERP project. With the ability to employ our own staff, complemented by support from our partner Rödl Dynamics when necessary, we maintain control over expenses while effectively meeting our colleagues' requirements. Collaboration and rapid problem-solving have been critical in achieving our project goals, ultimately enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness for us.

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Matthias Bettke

Head of IT Krone Fleet Group @ Krone Fleet