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dox42 combined with workflows is essentially all that’s required for business automation

Koppens Developments Pty Ltd (Koppens) are a nationally recognised, fast growing, Civil Construction company with 80 years’ experience; our areas of excellence span far beyond traditional construction methods.  Global thinking, operational excellence, sustainable solutions, and community development are just a few reasons why Clients trust Koppens.

Our team are passionate about Civil Construction and strive in achieving sustainable, efficient and quality infrastructure for communities.  Koppens utilise the latest technology to ensure our crews are equipped to successfully complete any project requested. The same applies to our software environment where we are happy to include a new way of document generation efficiency: dox42.

Within our company environment SharePoint is a corner stone of line of business processes. dox42 allows us to leverage our existing processes and systems to output professional, structured and automatic documents which provide us the ability to maintain a consistent approach across the company. Furthermore, the automation allows us to improve our compliance with external parties, reduce our document preparation times and enforce high standards of work. dox42 has allowed us to redefine what is possible in our environment.  dox42 combined with workflows is essentially all that’s required for business automation.

Jarrad Koppen

Business Solutions @ Koppens Developments Pty Ltd.

Jarrad Koppen - Business Solutions at Koppens Developments Pty Ltd.