There are no limits to the use cases

When it comes to dox42, we appreciate above all the many possibilities the tool has to offer. Due to the simple connection to various data sources – in our case primarily Microsoft SharePoint and SQL-data bases, numerous processes and the creation of resulting forms can be automated very easily. We intensively use the option of seamlessly integrating barcodes – that way we can automatically reprocess scanned forms (such as protocols) at later times.

We already implemented dox42 for the following use cases:
• Employee ID cards
• Personnel assessment sheets
• Personnel data sheets
• Building-site plan directories
• Project organization charts
• Project references
• Error logs

dox42 was a highly worthwhile investment for us, which stands out due to its low training costs. And it saves us a lot of implementation effort, among other things, when generating print forms.

Alexander Zodl

Senior Application Developer @ Klenk & Meder