dox42 PowerPoint and dox42 Online bring our data to life!

Jones Group International (JGI) employs a dynamic team with far reaching expertise in the military, civilian government, and industry. With a deep understanding of the importance for public and private enterprises to work cooperatively, understand the global landscape, identify clear organizational goals, implement proper strategy, and manage risk , JGI is uniquely positioned to assist government and industry partners to achieve mission success.

With our growing company we needed a way to generate up-to date reports regarding our current project standings. dox42 has allowed us to easily do this with the help of integration in SharePoint and by their PowerPoint Add-In and Online Server. This allows us to quickly generate a deck of slides to brief teams quickly and efficiently. The PowerPoint Add-In is an amazing tool because it makes data manipulation super easy for any user and if we ever had questions, the dox42 support team was always there to help us out.

We at Jones Group International are more than satisfied with the service provided by the whole dox42 Team and are excited to grow our relationship with them. dox42 to us is a crucial support element for our system and really helps to bring our data to life! We find ourselves in a weird spot where we can’t live without dox42 document automation.

Azan Mahmood

Technical Business Associate @ Jones Group International

Azan Mahmood - Technical Business Associate at Jones Group International