Comprehensive interfaces of the dox42-Server

As university we do have a number of documents which have to be produced regularly. Therefor dox42 is the ideal automation-software, as our departments are able to generate the templates in the familiar Office-environment. Hence, training effort is reduced substantially and the IT department is relieved when it comes to layout and design issues.

The possibility to create documents anytime using the Word- and Excel-Plug-Ins, both at the workstation and with the dox42-Server without any changes, is a particular strength. What is more, the possibility to not only use Word and Excel as input-, but also as an output-format, substantially facilitates the use of dox42.

Because sometimes it’s not possible to completely standardize a document, and minor modifications have to be done afterwards – and that’s perfectly possible with dox42. dox42’s flexibility enabled us to breathe new life into our hardly maintainable application. We replaced our internal PDF-generation with dox42 and the departments are able to modify their templates on their own. In this project, the comprehensive interfaces of the dox42-Server were especially helpful. Hence, the connection to our old application was a breeze.

Kurt Rosivatz

Head information management @ Johannes Kepler University Linz