dox42 is a significant relief for our sales staff

"With 350 locations in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, as well as around 3,600 employees in Austria, INTERSPORT is the most important player in the domestic sports trade. Our dealer network serves more than 1.8 million satisfied regular customers and is considered an important economic factor in all regions of Austria, as well as in partner countries, thanks to its growth policy.

In the course of modernizing our sales applications, we also had to redesign the automated creation of sales documents. dox42 has made this task much easier. We can now make future adjustments to the document design quickly and with little effort. We expect that dox42 will continue to add value to our applications in the future.

Since the intuitive handling of dox42 has also impressed everyone in our team, we are planning further projects next year. Standardized contract documents will also be created with dox42 in the future. And so that the entire process can be fully automated and digital, we will use dox42 in combination with electronic signature."

Rainer Schiller

Application Manager @ Intersport Austria

Rainer Schiller - Application Manager at Intersport Austria