Configuration and use of dox42 is very easy and doesn’t require sophisticated trainings or skills

GKN Driveline, a Division of the GKN Group, is the leading automotive driveline technology and systems engineer, supplying over 90% of the world’s car manufacturers. As market leader in CV Joint Systems, all-wheel drive and electric mobility, our technologies feature in everything from the smallest ultra low-cost car to the most sophisticated and dynamic premium vehicle. Our capabilities span from two-wheel drive to all-wheel drive, hybrid or pure electric vehicle architectures.
GKN Driveline uses dox42 in the context of world-wide SharePoint and Nintex solutions.

In 2015 we were searching for a possibility to automate output, triggered by Nintex workflows. This is where dox42 came into the play. Today with dox42 GKN Driveline is automating the generation of documents in several Nintex workflows.

dox42 is used to generate confirmation documents (MS Word) for different kind of global authorization processes running in SharePoint/Nintex. This helps to follow internal documentation standards and to fulfill audit requirements.

A visitors registering system, based on SharePoint/Nintex is using dox42 to generate and print out visitor identification badges (including barcode). This system runs in German as well as Polish GKN Driveline plants.

Our internal Nintex developers like working with dox42. They say:

  • configuration and use of dox42 is very easy and doesn’t require sophisticated trainings or skills. dox42 allows to create documents, being connected to different data sources and to configure individual data fields according to our needs (e.g. data format). The possibility to set different rules for data displays is a really great feature, as well as the option to generate different categories of documents using just one file.
  • dox42 can be used for a wide range of solutions to support and improve users work. It is an important piece of our tool portfolio, giving us the possibility to create complex business solutions and fulfilling our internal customers needs.

Martin Maurberger

EA Programme Manager Collaboration Tools @ GKN Driveline