dox42 was an obvious choice with MS Teams, DocuSign & Nintex integration

EG provides Nordic vertical software that enables customers to further develop their business. Our software is embedded with highly specialized knowledge and is developed based on a deep understanding of our customers' profession and industry. Our passionate team of more than 1,600 employees develop, deliver and service our own software for more than 21,000 customers in the private and public sectors.

In EG we have been implementing a brand-new system landscape over the past years and needed a solution to fill the gap and tie it all together.

dox42 was an obvious choice for us, as it both fills the gap we had in regard to generating documents in MS Teams based on company templates, but also works well together with other components in our system landscape, as dox42 provides:

  • Integration with DocuSign, which serves as our CLM backbone
  • The ability to integrate with Nintex workflows, making it easy to start document generation directly from our business process tool
  • Easy and seamless access to data from any source whether it is online or on-premises

dox42 is a tool that provides us with a huge potential, we must just realize it and bring it to life. dox42 was keen on helping us to get a good start with the use of their product, and we really valued their inputs, which made us confident in our choice.

Martin Lindhoff Lysgaard

Team Manager @ EG A/S