dox42 allows us to create documents from D365 Business Central with little effort

edoc solutions ag (edoc) is an holistic provider of software solutions in the areas of digital archiving, document management, workflow and enterprise content management. And this across all industries as well as in combination with the most diverse IT and ERP environments of the customer.

Since the company was founded in 1998, it has developed consistently and is now an established player in the growth market of ECM and the digitization of business processes.

During the evaluation for the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (SaaS) in purchasing and accounting, we encountered the challenge of generating complex documents. For this, dox42 provided us with a solution from the cloud that allows us to create the necessary documents with little effort.

Here are some examples of the documents generated:

  • In the purchasing documents, it is necessary to insert standard texts for description. These have been created in a SharePoint Online list and are added dynamically when the document is generated.
  • Outgoing invoices require different pre and post texts when created depending on the customer. These have also been created as a SharePoint Online list and are added dynamically when the document is created.
  • After the documents have been created, they are automatically stored in our DMS system with the required metadata.

By using dox42, we have since been able to create additional templates to generate, for example, a customer product overview for sales!

Since the beginning of the project, the support from the dox42 team has been fast and competent. All requirements for the required documents could be created in a very tight time frame with the excellent support from the dox42 team. User acceptance is very high due to the ease of use and reliability.

We are looking forward to further upcoming projects with dox42!

Manfred Wollersheim

Chief Administrative Officer @ edoc solutions ag