THANKS dox42!

We use dox42 to generate detailed word based proposals pulling data from an excel based pricing spreadsheet. Having a spreadsheet provide logic for the proposal database meant we could build out an extremely complicated project in only about 2 weeks. And we could do this in-house.

As well, we use dox42 for assembling customer specific drawings, again based off of an excel database. Excel is much better understood and spreadsheets are far easier to be maintained by normal office people, than are stand alone databases. We are able to automate drawings that show customer data, part data, part pictures, and can even show different header logos for documents we provide for our OEM customers.

dox42 turned a "long-form" proposal that took hours to do properly into a job we can finish and email just minutes after getting off the phone with a prospective customer. It turned a document assembly job that took hours and was not customized, into a set of files that is accurate, personalized, and seriously professional looking ... in just one click. Most companies in our industry take 10 days to do what now takes us minutes.

All this for an extremely attractive licence fee. THANKS dox42!

Kevin Weaver

Lead Designer, President @ DuroVac - Industrial Vacuums