Professionalized customer communication: efficient and highly standardized

DB Kommunikationstechnik GmbH (DB KT) is a subsidiary company of Deutsche Bahn AG and a full service provider in the fields of security, vending machine, information and communication technology (ITC).
“As a full service provider, we take on the entire process of added value. From consulting, planning and conceptualisation, through installation and field service, to monitoring and optimization of technical systems.

We became aware of dox42 when we were looking for a software solution for our “DB KT Vertriebsbaukasten” (Sales kit) project, with which we can automatically create individual PowerPoint presentations to support our sales team. It is the only solution known to us on the market with which such a scenario is possible without additional programming.

The “DB KT Vertriebsbaukasten” is based on a Microsoft SharePoint platform in Office 365, in which the dox42 server is integrated. The solution fits seamlessly into our existing office environment. Our colleagues do not have to use a separate software solution. Before a customer appointment, our sales employees select the desired content using a form in SharePoint or add their own content and then generate the document at the push of a button.

The “DB KT Vertriebsbaukasten” ensures that our customers receive the latest company and product documents in consistent and high quality all the time. Furthermore, it saves us a lot of time in sales, because the presentations are provided immediately and our colleagues do not have to search for current documents or create presentations themselves.

Lastly, the professional support of the dox42 team in the development and implementation phase also contributed to the successful completion of the project.

Timo Wasmer

Product Manager Business Development (I.CVE) @ DB Kommunikationstechnik GmbH