dox42 allows us to easily extract various types of reports

Debiopharm develops innovative therapies that target high unmet medical needs in oncology and infectious diseases. Bridging the gap between disruptive discovery products and international patient access, we identify high-potential compounds and technologies for in-licensing, clinically demonstrate their safety and efficacy and then select large pharmaceutical commercialization partners to maximize patient access globally.

For some of our preclinical activities we develop multiple SharePoint lists linked together and dox42 allows us to easily extract various types of reports. With dox42 we can regroup information about the request that automatically gather the information about the shipments and the analyses with one single button.

We are very pleased with dox42 capabilities and plan to use it in more activities to easily create reports, orders, or any other types of documents.

The dox42 team and the tutorials videos have been very helpful during the development of the templates.

Yann Kohler

IT Solution Delivery Specialist @ Debiopharm