...the integration of dox42 in the leasing platform means that we get an improved overview

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From heavy, manual workflows in an IT system that could not be further developed, to automatic document management, full overview and more efficient workflows. These are just some of the benefits Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering has achieved by changing to 52LEASING. One of the most modern and future-proof IT platforms on the market. 

With 52LEASING, one of the Denmark's successful leasing companies, Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering, is taking a decisive step forward when it comes to simplifying and automating the digital foundation for the business. Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering is part of Totalbanken and has, among other things specializes in the leasing of equipment for transport, agriculture, industry and construction.

Heavy manual data management
The company's former management system was, after many years of faithful service, reaching its expiration date. It required i.a. many manual resources to customize and extract data from the system to eg Excel. At the same time, it was not possible to develop further on the system in relation to e.g. process automation, GDPR, credit modules, etc.

Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering with 52LEASING can now easily and smoothly develop its IT platform on an ongoing basis. This ensures that you always have a state-of-the-art solution that matches both the development in the market and the need internally to continuously optimize and automate the processes.

Easy integration into Microsoft's ecosystem
According to CEO Tommy Svendsen, the fact that the 52LEASING platform is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central also opens up for integration into a number of the best systems on the market. “Because the leasing solution is built on top of Microsoft, we are guaranteed ongoing access to the very latest technology. Since most third-party vendors always develop solutions that integrate with Microsoft, it helps ensure that we can always download the best solutions and apply them with 52LEASING”, he says.

This applies, for example, to the document page, where 52LEASING integrates with the dox42 software, which automates document management and integrates data, images, tables, etc.

The foundation for good service
“The elimination of the manual and trivial workflows we had before will save us a lot of time. At the same time, the integration of dox42 in the leasing platform means that we get an improved overview. We can now manage documents and tasks much more precisely in relation to the specific customer and leasing agreement", explains Tommy Svendsen.

"For us, it is basically about having a solution that is future-proof and automates many of our business processes. This means that we can focus more on providing good advice and giving customers an even better service and not least quality." Tommy Svendsen, CEO, Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering

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Tommy Svendsen

CEO @ Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering

Tommy Svendsen - CEO at Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering