3 advantages that we wished for and that actually came true

Baumit is a building materials brand. Its product range includes products in the field of facades, plasters, screeds, products for the interior and for garden and surface design. dox42 Lead Technical Evangelist Johannes Linder asked Baumit Head of IT Raimund Heinle about their use of dox42:

“We had very profane problems because we were forced to replace our previous ERP system with a modern ERP system, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. And in this process the challenge of programming our documents arose. Because at Baumit a lot of documents were generated every day, from order confirmations to invoices, etc., and very importantly they should also have an appealing design.

And then we started looking for a tool that simply supports us in creating receipts, and we found what we were looking for with dox42. We connected it to our Dynamics 365 test system and that works very, very well.

There are 3 advantages of using dox42 for us:

  • On the one hand, the receipts are as a matter of fact very stylish. With these Word templates we simply have much more designing options, than with pure SSRS programming.
  • Secondly, it actually saves us money, because we can do it ourselves and don't have to hire external programmers at horrific hourly rates.
  • And the third advantage is, of course, we are much faster. There are constant changes to the document design. For example, a contact person changes, or marketing wants to add a new campaign, and now we can simply implement the requirements very quickly with dox42.

These are 3 advantages that we wished for and that actually came true.

And additionally, I personally find it very, very pleasant that contacting the manufacturer is very accessible. Of course, the first questions were always asked and solved via our D365 dox42 system partner. But we always have the opportunity to call dox42 employees and then resolve questions, which is very, very pleasant. You can often get a result faster than over three corners or mail traffic.

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Raimund Heinle

Head of IT @ Baumit