dox42 serves as a crucial component in our reporting processes

Altus Group is a leading provider of asset and fund intelligence for commercial real estate. We deliver intelligence as a service to our global client base through a connected platform of industry-leading technology, advanced analytics, and advisory services.

Within our development advisory business unit, we generate hundreds of reports monthly for our clients. While much of the report content is standard across clients and offices, maintaining a consistent standard has always proven challenging. To address this challenge, we've developed a report writing tool that guides users through the report preparation process in a systematic and uniform manner.

Leveraging Microsoft PowerApps as the user interface, dox42 serves as a crucial component that effortlessly maps data from diverse sources such as SharePoint, Azure Active Directory, and XML files onto our standardized report template. This automation not only boosts efficiency but also reduces the likelihood of errors, guaranteeing a consistent and high-quality output across our reporting processes.

David Schoonjans

Senior Director, Development Advisory @ Altus Group