with dox42 ... saves a great amount of time

Since the introduction of a central E-Government infrastructure in 2012, Kanton Aargau realized a lot of administrative processes on this platform. Until the implementation of digital solutions, a big part of these processes were carried out by classic paper forms. Even after the digitalisation, certain paperwork must be hand-signed and integrated to the given applications. To avoid media disruptions and manual editing of such papers, we decided to apply this intuitive and user-friendly solution for our documents.

For generating the documents in the E-Government infrastructure, we implemented dox42 as the central key element to our system. dox42 is the perfect match for the service oriented architecture of Kanton Aargau and thanks to its SOA-standards based interface, it was easily integrated to our existing infrastructure. A vast variety of forms in the administrative process (requests, authorizations, letters, notices, reminders, suspension, file lists, etc.) are being fully automated and personalized via dox42 document generation.

The document templates are being created in MS Office platforms by specialists from different departments, which can be then efficiently filled with data from various data-sources through dox42 by our developers. This way it is possible for our specialized staff to create personalized templates with ease, even without the help of the IT department.

More than 40 different forms were created using dox42 for the Kanton Aargau digital naturalization process. These forms are connected through web-masks on different process sites, and can be generated without any media disruption with a single mouse-click, in which the relevant information is automatically added from the various data-sources. dox42 makes it possible to create dynamical documents and complex forms, by allowing the integration of data from different records. With dox42, these documents are now generated automatically instead of the earlier manual method, which saves a great amount of time. Besides the usual forms, customized templates can also be generated with dox42 (Excel, Word, PDF).

After successfully completing the project of “Digital naturalization process”, other E-Government projects came to motion, in which the documents are still being fully automated and generated by dox42.

Marco Buerli

Head of E-Gov-Projects @ Kanton Aargau