With the dox42 output, we can easily create completely digital processes

Since 1919 Kräuter Mix has been standing for health and taste. We are experts for air-dried herbs, vegetables, and spices. As one of the leading production and trading companies we supply nature – in food, medicines, and pet food. High-quality herbal raw materials are our passion and the basis of our business.

We are currently in the process of introducing Business Central as the central control software for all our processes. It is a very complex project, and all areas of the company are affected. We are giving high priority to converting "analog" processes into digital processes as much as possible, and we were faced with the challenge of which tool we could use to optimally integrate Business Central and SharePoint Online.

We found what we were looking for in dox42. dox42 is a tool that is easy to learn.  After a short training period, we were able to create our documents using Word templates and save the digital output directly in SharePoint Online for the respective process. This enables us to achieve completely digital processes.

During the decision-making phase, when answering our very specific questions, and after the purchase, the dox42 employees have always been available to us with competent answers and fast response times. We look forward to further developments with dox42 in the future.

Jürgen Köstner

Head of IT @ Kräuter Mix

Jürgen Köstner - Head of IT at Kräuter Mix