Efficient reporting in IBM Maximo with EAM Swiss GmbH and dox42

EAM Swiss GmbH offers services related to IBM Maximo and the Maximo Application Suite (MAS). The solutions comprise implementation, customization, integration, as well as support and operation in the EAM-owned cloud. With years of experience in local and international projects, we always aim to deliver the best solution for our customers, prioritizing high service quality.

We are specialists for the integration of dox42 into IBM Maximo. The IBM Maximo Application Suite includes a range of applications for monitoring, management, predictive maintenance and reliability planning of technical installations (Enterprise Assets).

Our goal is to simplify reporting from IBM Maximo for our users. With dox42, we make reporting accessible to a wider group of users, as Word and Excel are well known, while SQL and JavaScript are less common.

The support from dox42 is excellent - always available, responsive and supportive. We always get quick answers to our questions and problems.

We look forward to working with dox42 in the future!

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Johann Rumpl

Managing Director @ EAM Swiss GmbH

Johann Rumpl - Managing Director at EAM Swiss GmbH