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03 June 2024

Recap: European Collaboration Summit 2024

Recap: European Collaboration Summit 2024

The dox42 Team had an exceptional time at this year’s European Collaboration Summit! Let’s dive into the highlights:

  • Engaging Talks and Sessions:
    • Renowned industry speakers shared their insights on cutting-edge topics, including the modern workplace, AI, Microsoft 365, Power Platform, and Azure.
    • In the dox42 session, Lisa and Jan Moritz showcased how document automation empowers collaboration and streamlines document processes within organizations.
  • Document Automation Success Stories:
    • The dox42 booth was in focus when our partners, busitec and Alight, demonstrated how organizations leveraged dox42 in real-world document automation scenarios.
  • dox42 Booth Oasis:
    • Amid the hustle and bustle, the dox42 booth provided a quiet oasis—a real plant jungle where attendees could recharge. Freshly brewed coffee added to the experience, giving a boost before heading to the next sessions.
  • Fantastic Party Night in Wiesbaden:
    • The event wasn’t all business! The dox42 party night, in collaboration with our partner busitec, allowed everyone to unwind, connect, and celebrate the collaborative spirit of the summit.

From inspiring success stories to many networking opportunities, the dox42 Team is already looking forward to ECS 2025 in Düsseldorf!

Check out our upcoming events an enjoy our "Highlights from dox42 at ECS 2024" - Video!

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