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26 January 2024

Welcome to our new dox42 Experts

Welcome to our new dox42 Experts

Meet our new dox42 Experts

In close cooperation with our partners and customers, we continually meet individuals who impress us with their extensive expertise in using dox42 and their willingness to help others get the most out of it. These outstanding achievements deserve recognition, which is exactly why we have created the dox42 Expert Program. It is designed to recognize individuals who have made a lasting positive impact on our community through their dedication and expertise.

We warmly welcome Jonathan Becker to the circle of the dox42 Experts. Jonathan is responsible for the management of the dox42 interface for Microsoft Business Central at our partner MODUS Consult and his knowledge about all aspects of our BC integration is unique.

André Schnibbe from d.velop was also honored as a dox42 Expert. His expertise lies in document generation with dox42 from Microsoft Dynamics 365, d.velop documents, M365 SharePoint as well as in business process consulting with d.velop process studio in combination with dox42.

We also welcome Josef Pronebner from the Office of the Salzburg Provincial Government as a new dox42 Expert. His outstanding expertise covers the connection of various specialist applications, consulting on the use of dox42 as well as the creation of documents and letters using text modules, XML/JSON, web services, payment QR codes and more.

Dion Groeneveld, CEO of NIT Solutions, has been recognized as a dox42 Expert due to his experience in integrating and connecting dox42 in customer-specific scenarios with multiple systems as well as document creation within Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Platform.

A warm welcome to our new dox42 Experts! Thank you for sharing your exceptional commitment, skills and knowledge with us!

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